1988 Unknown 

We purchased this bike off of eBay in 2009 and don't know who built the bike.  Often, we can use the components to date the bike but this one had parts from several different eras on it.  Next step was to send out pictures to some vintage bike guys and frame builders.  We received a couple of guesses but nothing definitive.  The bike has obviously been reconstructed several times since the quality of workmanship varies quite a bit.  Rody, from Groovy Cycleworks,  donates an occasional restoration as his was of supporting the MOMBAT.  He noticed the remains of rear canti braze-ons that had been removed, likely when the roller cam mounts were added.  We chose to leave some of the imperfections to show the evidence of the differing skill levels of those who have worked on the frame. There were some early parts on the frame so we believe the base frame to be from the early 1980's but updated somewhere along the line.  We chose to build it up circa 1985 which would have been around the time of the last major overhaul.

While asking around, we did get a couple of interesting stories.  My favorite was the tandem theory. If you look at the bike, and the odd placement of the laterals (hitting mid-stay instead of at the drop out), you can picture the front end of a tandem bike.  The serial number might be an important clue: it is C*NT.  You can picture a happy couple riding their new tandem bike until the relationship ends badly.  Girl leaves, and the guy is left with a "useless" tandem that conjures up bad memories every time he passes by it.  One night, maybe after a couple of brews, the idea hits him to convert it into a mountain bike.  After it is completed, he stamps C*NT on to the bottom bracket in memory of the ex.  Could it have happened, who knows?  Makes a good story though!

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1985 Unknow  1985 Unknow  1985 Unknow 1985 Unknow  1985 Unknow  1985 Unknow
1985 Unknow   1985 Unknow   1985 Unknow   1985 Unknow

Frame/font> Cro-Moly
Fork Biplane style Cro-Moly
Rear Shock NA
Rims Ambrosio Durex
Hubs Suntour sealed bearing
Spokes Stainless Steel 3 cross
Tires Duro Comp III style
Pedals MKS Grafight 2000
Crank Sugino AT
Chain Sedis
Rear Cogs Suntour 6 speed freewheel
Bottom Bracket Suntour sealed
Front Derailleur Suntour XC
Rear Derailleur Suntour XC
Shifters Suntour XC Power Ratchet thumb shifters
Handlebars Bullmoose fillet brazed
Stem Bullmoose fillet brazed
Headset BMX
Brake set Suntour roller can rear, Dia Compe 982 front cantilever
Brake levers Dia Compe 4 finger
Saddle Brooks Colt
Seat Post SR Laprade
Colors Metallic green
Size 18" c-t
Serial #   C*NT

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