1990 IRD Semi Stroker

IRD believed in extra long cranks for extra pedal leverage.  Since the extra long arms would strike the ground on a conventional bike, they required a frame designed around the extra length.  Enter the Stroker series.  These frames were built around Bullseye cranks with arms from 190mm-220mm long.  This bike is sporting a set of 190s (Semi Stroker) with a 13" tall bottom bracket. The chain rings are also a little bigger to take advantage of the extra leverage.  IRD was also one of the few frame manufacturers who also made a large number of components.  This bike has most of the IRD groupo on it.  Starting at the front, alloy bars and Macaroni stem (named for the cable guide) and Expedition fork.  The fork is a composite style fork with separate crown and legs started by Keith Bontrager.  This fork has the optional titanium legs which results in a very compliant fork.  Both brakes are the IRD Rotary brake which are very powerful but can be finicky to set up.  Moving towards the rear, the IRD post was one of the earliest and most successful IRD products with the 2 bolt head design.  The Bullseye cranks feature the IRD keeper system which helps keep the crank arms from loosening.  About the only piece missing is the IRD handlebar mounted seat binder quick release.   IF we find one, we'll add it on!  OK, we added a Remote Quick Release seat binder and Hite Rite.  the bottom 6 pictures show the RQR installed.

Click on thumbnails below for larger images:

Stroker   Stroker   Stroker Stroker   Stroker   Stroker
Stroker   Stroker   Stroker Stroker   Stroker   Stroker
Stroker   Stroker   Stroker
Stroker   Stroker   Stroker
Stroker   Stroker   Stroker

Frame Cro-Moly
Fork IRD Titanium Expedition
Rear Shock NA
Rims Matrix Mt. Titan
Hubs Bullseye
Spokes Ti dye titanium
Tires Specialized Ground Control/Extreme
Pedals Shimano Deore XT
Crank Bullseye w/ IRD keeper kit, 50 tooth big ring
Chain Shimano HG
Rear Cogs Sachs 7 speed freewheel
Bottom Bracket Bullseye sealed
Front Derailleur Shimano Deore XT
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore XT
Shifters Shimano Deore XT index thumb shifters, Suntour thumb to control the RQR
Handlebars IRD alloy
Stem IRD Macaroni
Headset Shimano Deore XT
Brake set IRD Rotary
Brake levers Shimano Deore XT
Saddle Brooks B 17
Seat Post IRD, with RQR remote quick release
Colors Blueberry
Size 15"
Serial #   IRD 15 SS 21 118 IRD


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