Pre-1930s Bike Museum

Below are some pictures and details of the Pre-1930s bikes that we house as part of the MOMBAT collection.  These bikes are not for sale. The bikes and parts we currently have for sale can be found on the MOMBAT for sale page.

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1892 Elliot Hickory C   1892 Elliot Hickory C: Elliot used hickory wood for the rims as well as the chain stay and the integrated fender/seat mast assembly support.  The rear spoon brake assembly is activated by a chain that snakes through the frame from the handler-mounted lever, via a series of rollers.  Rear wheel is 31" in diameter while the front is a 25" diameter wheel.  This bike is missing the original chain guard (also made of hickory) and has a later replacement saddle.  Also included is a picture of this bike being used as an advertising prop.       
Wood bar bike   Unknown (CCM?) 1900 +/- bike: Purchased this bike many years ago and don't really know anything about it.  It is a nicely decorated frame with wood handlebars and a 3-piece crank setup.  The front rim is currently a clad rim and we replaced the newer splintered rear wheel with a period correct wood rim.  There in no head badge and the only marking we could find are on the fork crown inserts.  They are stamped with J.K. sideways and then have the letters CCM stacked.  Apparently CCM started bike production in 1899 so it is possible.  If anyone has any ideas, please let us know.   
Racycle   Racycle: Produced byt the Miami Cycle Company in Middleton, OH, the top Racycle models were distinguished by their 40 tooth front sprocket.  The rear 14 tooth sprocket gave it similar gearing to a conventional bike of the era but the larger sprockets were claimed to be more efficient.  Racycle also used various bottom bracket configurations through the years which placed the crank bearings outside the frame which is a technology being used today.  Finish is likely what the called "gun blue" which appears almost black.  Still working on the model and year so let us know if anyone has good Racycle information. 
Columbia Ordinary   1885 Columbia Model Expert 52": Nice old ordinary bike in "as found" condition. Tires have been replaced and we had a replacement seat leather made using the original as a template.  Missing one spoke but other than that, a great riding bike. 

Unknown nickel  
Unknown nickel-plated fixed gear bike: Great details on this one, likely from the 1890s.  Nice grip details, wooden rims, remade leather saddle.  This one has found a new home.

1898 Columbia Chainless Model 51: The chainless bikes uses a bevel cut set of gears to replace the chain.  Chains required constant lubrication and were prone to breaking.  The shaft eliminated these issues and eliminated the worry of clothing getting caught in the chain.  On the negative side, the shafts were less efficient and made it much more difficult to chain fat tires.  Frame damage could also render the bike inoperable.  This was the first year for the Columbia chainless which lasted into the 1920's..


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