Below is a sampling of the First Flight branded goodies that we have in stock.

Be sure to check out the Mountain Goat Cycles merchandise page available exclusively through First Flight Bicycles

MOMBAT jersey MOMBAT Jersey
This is our multi-faceted shop / team / Mountain Goat / MOMBAT jersey.  Currently available in either a Sport (tapered fit) or Club (baggy fit), (please specify on your order, not all sizes available in both cuts) The Mountain Goat script goes down both side panels and the famous Goat head logo is found on both sleeves (bonus hoof prints on the collar).  The front features the First Flight logo while the rear has the MOMBAT logo, both designed by Kris Henry of BLACKCAPStudio.  $89.99 
FFB Jersey
MOMBAT  Tread t MOMBAT T-Shirt
Show  your support for the Museum of Mountain Bike Art & Technology by wearing this American Apparel t-shirt.  The design, by Kris Henry of the BLACKCAP Studio, integrates the classic "Don't Tread on Me" design with a mountain bike tread design on the snake. Available in yellow or grey in sizes small-xx-large.

Tread T
  Small Bottles: small First Flight Bicycles water bottles: Available in white with black lettering and black top. Light blue and black are sold out. $3.99 each  

  First Flight Bicycles Pint glasses: Cobalt Blue or Coke Bottle Green $5.99 each



  Short Sleeve T-shirts, adult small through XXL, When we order t-shirts, we order 3 or 4 colors that we hadn't done before so there are a lot of different colors depending on your size.  If you have a preference, let us know and we will match it as closely as possible.  We mostly do pretty normal colors, so nothing too wacky   $19.99






  First Flight small seat bag:  Made for us by Inertia in the 39 cubic inch size with the First Flight logo  embroidered on the rear flap.  The rear panel reflective strip doubles as a rear blinkie light port and has an internal zippered key pocket as well.  Double Velcro straps for the seat rails plus a third strap for the seat post.  $24.99  

  First Flight embroidered ball cap: Classic low profile ball cap made by Anvil.  First Flight Bicycles logo embroidered on the front.  Currently available in navy blue, black and  khaki  $14.99  

  First Flight screw top large water bottles in white or clear $5.99 each   



  Mountain Goat Hats: Classic low profile baseball cap made by Anvil with buckle closure.  Embroidered Goat log on the front with  stitched around the back. One size fits all. Orange is sold out, khaki only.   $14.99 



As time goes on, we'll be expanding the selection of MOMBAT goodies.  For right now, we have a super-cool t-shirt available plus the regular selection of First Flight Bikes and Mountain Goat Cycles merchandise.

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"If you consider all-around fitness, mountain bikers have the edge. Road cyclists are so refined, like thoroughbred horses. They’re unbelievably good at what they do-racing- but don’t ask them to pull a plow." Steve Tilford


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